I woke up with a nasty headache to a poo-coated baby, and thought, urg. Then I sat down to my computer and found that Chris had honored me again with the Perfect Post award, and I thought, yay! I saw that she had mentioned three of my posts from this month, which has seemed like such a low-posting month to me (although I'm pretty sure that I haven't posted any less than usual, it's just in my mind because of all the people posting every day) and I thought, wow. Because the three posts she mentioned, A Love Letter to my Husband, The One I Meant to Write, and A Glimpse, were all a little hard to hit the publish button on because of the vats of honesty involved.  It's kind of like, Hello, my name is Rae and I'm nasty to my husband.  Over Pepsi. I'm also crazy.

But when the rambling makes sense, both to me and to other people, that is the best thing ever. And I'm glad.

In the post, A Glimpse, I mentioned a poem that I wrote. I posted it here, actually, but it was a long time ago. Here it is, Born.