Notes at the end of the day:

1. When I got in my van to drive to town today, there were raccoon tracks all over the windshield.  Little animal handprints. I guess he got tired of my trash cans.

2. It has been so sunny, lately. I'm wondering what happened to the rain. December is usually our rainiest month. I probably won't be wondering for long, probably should be soaking it in, but I still wonder.

3. I'm following this and holding my breath. And praying. The praying, I believe, tends to work better than the held breath, but you know. I'm just amazed by what it must have been like to be waiting for nine days for someone to find you.  How brave they must be. That amazing mother nursing her kids to keep them alive. I want so badly for her husband to be found, I almost can't stand it.

4. My, uh, plan to keep a schedule has not been working out quite the way I'd hoped. But you know, if at first you don't succeed, bang your head sharply on the wall a few times. And then try again. It hasn't been for lack of trying, though, just so you know. I've been going into town, yesterday for a linoleum roller, today for an appointment. And going into town takes a long time. Because we live half an hour away from the nearest one. So my schedule gets all screwed up.

5. Here's a little quiz. We've removed of a lot of little pink things, lately, here at the Land. It took a bit of work to round them up, but they were carted away in the big blue van today, never to be seen again. What could they be?

6. Who are these people who have their Christmas shopping done already? Can I be their friend? Can I be like them? Can I be anything other than myself, wondering if I should start to think about possibly figuring out presents anytime soon?  I knew I should have signed up for Flylady again.