Why I Blog

It's because my life is so glamorous. Because of things that happen in the day to day life of a mother.

Changing the diapers of two children is pretty great, but if you get really lucky, your three-year-old, who has been fully potty-trained for a year, will have a mental block and forget how to get the poop in the toilet. He'll announce that he has to poop and then instead of sitting down, he'll stand in front of the toilet as if he has to pee and the poop, which is diarrhea, will shoot out and cover everything in sight, all over the bathroom floor and his clothes and he'll stand there crying because he doesn't quite understand what happened.

And you come to yourself as you're standing there in utter awe, and realize, hey--I'm the mom. And then you'll find some way to clean up this disgusting mess on your floor since your husband has already left to go away and take pictures at a wedding.

That's why I blog.