Random Nothings (No, Somethings)

1. I find it very amusing to see that someone found my blog by googling "are you done pooping". That says a lot about the content here.

2. Correction: My superstar husband would like it to be known that HE found the "Made In Mexico" inscription on my fake Inuit whale tail, not me. I'm not so sure about that, but since I have forgotten to give him numerous photo credits, I'll throw that in.

3. My superstar husband did not take the photos of Leaf from yesterday. THAT WAS ME.

4. Since people have expressed curiosity about the toilet pics, I'll say that it was some sort of Northern California art installation apparently put in that field by the man across the street who had fifteen tractors in his yard and watched our shoot with great interest and loud country music. He apparently had a spare toilet and a lovely umbrella and decided to have some fun. As we drove past I said, "We have to take a picture of that!" and was willing just to shoot the toilet, but my superstar husband said we needed models. Photo credit to him for the ones that I'm in. Obviously I took the one of him, and I guess he gets credit for the one of the two of us since he was the one holding our gigantic camera in one hand. I feel that part of my life's work will be to make a documentary about junk collectors across North America. In our county alone I could meet some of the best characters in the world.

5. When I get a copy of any of the photos from the Peace On Earth shoot, I'll post them. ONLY IF I LIKE THEM.

6. A forced separation from my kids is not common for me, and I am very VERY happy to be returning home to them today. Maybe I didn't write it clearly, but the day that we found out that our van was going to take three days to fix, the kids had already left on the six hour drive with my parents. ACK. Of course, we have the Milk Baby with us.

7. I watched the movie "Water", about widows in India, last night with the friends we are staying with, and some of their friends (one of whom apparently knows every Bollywood star or song or movie ever made). My friend Christy, who owned the movie, is one of the most compassionate people I've ever met, and she's fierce about justice for the oppressed. One time we were all together (I hope it's okay that I'm telling this story) watching the movie "Not One Less" about children in China, and after the movie was over Christy cried for about forty-five minutes. Last night that was me. There were things that happened that made me so angry and sad that I just broke down for a long time and couldn't really even talk about it. It made me feel as though nothing in the world really matters besides justice and love, and reminded me again that I am in the top 2% of wealth in the world for even OWNING a vehicle. I'm so glad that we have our Lemon Van, so glad that we are able to fix it, and I'm wondering now what my place is in bringing justice to the world.