I am so, so tired. I feel like somebody's dried-up, half-eaten bran muffin. I can barely think straight, I'm so tired.

It may be because Leaf is waking up several times at night.

It may be because I have three children, three and under.

It may be because I've stayed up past midnight a few too many times, trying to just get a few more minutes to myself.

I don't know, but today I was dragging. I think I feel overwhelmed. I need to be painting to get ready for our booth at the Harmony festival, which is on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of June. I'm too tired even to paint. I need to be packing for our trip down to Los Angeles next week, where I'll be painting during the recording of David Ruis' new live album. I'm too tired even to think about packing.

I don't remember feeling like this yesterday. Maybe I just really really need sleep. Goodnight.