Weekly Tour: Recording

Here I am in Los Angeles, getting ready to paint during a live recording of David Ruis' new album. Here's a little tour of what the last couple of days have been like.

The vineyards in Sonoma. Close to home the drive is always beautiful. Once I got on the I-5 I was reminded again of why I love to live in Northern California, rather than Central. It was flat and long and dry. Just north of the Grapevine, though, the hills began to look like giant Shar Pei dogs, curled up in the late afternoon sun. It was so beautiful, and driving this route, which I drove so many times before I lived in California, brought me back to when this State was a stranger to me. Now it is home.

I almost brought this home to add to our collection.

I think someone has problems with spelling. Either that or they just really hate "garabe".
This recording is taking place at a very cool loft space. Everyone has been hard at work, transforming it into a music space/stage. Here's Anita, making the stage itself.


This hand is pointing to the spot where I'll be painting. I'm a little nervous.

Because it's seven feet in this air. Here it is:

And I'm praying to not fall off.