Home now

Here are some photos from the first night of the recording. This is the space itself, which was beautiful and cozy at night. Even though there were camera men everywhere and recording equipment galore, it didn't feel like a cold atmosphere. It was really intimate and amazing.

Here are a couple of the painting I did. These were taken after the first night I worked on it, and unfortunately I don't have any of the finished painting, which makes me sad. I'm going to have to get my hands on one. Right now I feel like I just spent all this time writing a song and now I can't hear what it sounds like. I just want to look at my painting again. But I'm very glad that I was able to give it to the community there in Los Angeles. I know they have space for it and they'll love having it there. Just need a pic. It's wonderful that the whole thing was recorded, because I'll be able to see even the process of painting it again. For now, here are these pics of the unfinished painting.