Honestly speaking...

Although I try to be as honest as possible on this blog, I obviously refrain from writing about some things. Some things aren't meant to be read by all. Some things are too deep to be written about, some things are too despairing, some are too complicated, some are too personal.

And all the things that have been rolling around in my head lately are those kinds of things. This, combined with my extreme busyness (which has me running from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep) in preparing for our Booth at the Festival this weekend, has kept me from posting as much as I like.

I could write about the daisies which are the new poppies, springing up everywhere: down the highway, on the hillsides, in the neglected garden.

I could write about my exhaustion again. (Lucky you)

I could write about how hard it is to get prepared for something like this when you live so far away from all the supplies you need. How Chinua came home from the City on Monday only to drive away for the day on Tuesday, preparing, only to have me drive away for the day yesterday, picking up more stuff. Are we crazy? Yes, maybe. A little.

But I need to go, because we're heading out to set up camp in five minutes. Just keep me in your prayers. Life is sometimes hard, and sad, and that passes, but sometimes I can't even find anything funny in it, and that is when I know that it's been a little harder than usual.