Shekinah Cafe Tour

All of these photos were taken by my talented superstar husband.

The American National Rainbow Gathering is made up of many kitchens and camps. The kitchens work together to feed everyone, cooking up huge pots of anything you can imagine and serving them to people free of charge. It's pretty incredible, most of the material that people use to make their kitchens is found in the area: logs from dead trees and even clay for clay ovens. For the past two years, Shekinah Cafe has served chai and cookies, and became famous for the cookies (Renee's work) and the best chai in the gathering. Usually we've used an oil drum that has been de-toxified as the basis for the oven, covering it in mud, but this year we tried to build a mud oven. (I use the term "we" loosely. I actually didn't have the privilige of being at either of the first two years that our community did Shekinah Cafe) It was a huge adventure and we were way behind in getting it done. A good experience; maybe not one we'll repeat.

Here's Kid A "helping" to make bricks for the oven.

Here's the oven on the second try-- after it collapsed.

How dirty is too dirty?

How cute is too cute?