Splinters the size of your head

A few years ago, when we lived in San Francisco, Chinua called to me from the other room.

"I need your help. I have a splinter," he said. So I took a look. To my utter shock and surprise, the splinter was about 3 mm thick and an inch long. It was also stuck into his big toe sideways, basically going through his entire toe, deep. I had to perform minor surgery to get it out. Chinua said that when I was tugging on it, it felt like I was tugging on his very soul. I had never before in my life seen someone get a splinter like that, just walking around.

Until yesterday. Same man. Same feet. Except this time, the splinter was in his heel, and it was about this long:


Again, about 3 mm thick. A big twig, in his foot. A large piece of the forest. How does this happen? I vaguely remember saying something about how I shouldn't think so much about what Chinua does to his feet, after the boiling water on mine. But I'm still astounded. Poor guy.

On another note, I realized that it might not be totally fair to my daughter not to mention that her two year molars are coming through. It might explain some of the extreme weepiness and clinginess lately.

On yet another note, check out this video of Isaiah. Chinua was on Youtube one day and happened to see that this was one of the top videos. He's the son of a drumming friend of ours, and we took Kid A to his third birthday party. I think they live in Mali now, so we never got that close. Kai LOVES this video. And Isaiah is pretty amazing, for his age.