Berry Bum

Thanks to the hard wood floors in our new house and the hot weather, we've been able to embark on a new journey with the YaYa Sister. Yes. Potty-training. Although it is quite a hassle, and with Kid A I pretty much thought it was totally overrated, (Why not just keep them in diapers? You'll never have to worry about them having too much to drink before bed or a long car trip) as soon as he had his first poo in the toilet I was sold. There's nothing in the world as satisfying as poo going into the toilet, ready to be easily flushed into the sewer or septic tank, depending on which system you're on.

So, YaYa has been running around the house in just a t-shirt, with her little bare bum above her little legs, the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Through many wiped up puddles, and even one floor-turd, we've been rewarded with two full pees in the toilet. And I think she's starting to get it, through the wild applause, the treats I shamelessly bribe her with, and my constant reminders. It doesn't seem so bad, though. Everything seems simpler the second time around.

YaYa is coming up with her very own sayings, though. She doesn't yet have the strange imagination of Kid A, but she does have her little unique way of saying words, and is coming up with YaYa-isms.

Like, "O-day." (Okay)

Or, my personal favorite, when we're walking outside and it feels prickly to her: "I dan't do it in my bare wheats." (I can't do it in my bare feet.)

Or, "Is it mines?"

Or, "I have my berry bum." (Bare bum) Yes she does. Here's hoping for even more pee, maybe even a poo, making it to the toilet.