Dear Mom,

We've welcomed two new little girls into our family! They're only a few weeks old and they're SO cute. We've named them Persephone and Ophelia, names that Chinua picked out.

So far, it seems like they are adjusting well to our family. They have the sweetest way of cuddling up when they sleep and they love to play with each other and make little noises. They've been keeping us up at night a little because they seem to have their days and nights mixed up.

I just knew that you would want a picture right away. I know you can't wait until you can babysit. Here are our little sweeties.

What lovely whiskers. (Marc and Megan actually gave these two beautiful baby rats to Chinua a few days ago. We haven't had a pet (other than Frankie, our goldfish, who died in the heat) since we got married, so we're pretty stoked.)