The yecchh of the first day of the year

What a welcome for a new year. New Year's Eve was nice. A really old friend of Chinua's was here, with her family to visit, and we had good food and talked and shared our hopes for the new year. And I kissed my best friend as the year rang in. Perfect, really. But pretty much as soon as we finished sharing our dreams for the blank slate of the coming year, I felt it.

It was a gremlin in the back of my throat, a sure sign that I was getting sick. So that's the reason that I could barely keep my eyes open until 12:00, I thought. All the pieces of the inner apathy of the day were coming together. And as I fell into bed I said to myself, Get up and take some vitamin C, but I was too far gone.

And yesterday I was so, so sick. I mean, maybe not so SO sick, since I wasn't throwing up or anything, but sick enough to stay in bed, and sick enough to sleep in the daytime, and sick enough to eat hardly anything at all. All of which are indications that I'm feeling really, really rough, if you know me at all. I never go to bed when I'm sick, probably because I can barely stand not to be doing something. The worst thing is that the Leaf Baby was sick too, so he and I were both miserable. He's a pretty cute miserable, though, blowing snot bubbles and then leaning his head again my chest in such a sweet way that I almost don't mind my messy shirt.

Today I still feel pretty lousy, but I'm up, mostly because the kids do need a mother, after all, and if not a mother, then a shell of a person walking around swiping at toys on the floor halfheartedly.

I hope that your New Year's Day was better than mine. And that it was filled with some kind of hope.

I don't know about resolutions and all that. I do like a blank dayplanner, it's kind of fun to see all the empty pages and dream. Maybe we'll be in Thailand sometime this year. Or Guatemala. Will the rainbow gathering nationals really be in Texas this June and July?

One thing, though. I would really like to write my book this year. That's all. How about you? Any resolutions? Ideas? Dreams?