A few words

1. It rains and rains and rains. This is good for the river.

2. I am in a little cabin in the woods with three children, ages almost two, three, and five. Just, use your imagination.

3. I am trying to get ready to move. Our community has been here at this Land for ten years. There are files in the office from 1993. I found a 1957 Ford truck manual yesterday. (Why on earth do we have this?) I will have to pull out the camera, so I can show you guys the extent of what I believe will eventually make me insane.

4. Let's see. Yesterday at our community meeting we discussed: a) Dumpster vs. trash runs, which is basically money vs. pain. How much scrap do we have? We can get money for this, maybe offsetting the cost of the dumpster.  b) The eleven vehicles that we still need to deal with. (Abandoned, not working...) c) What can we sell? Stoves? RV? Chainsaw? d) Which day should we go shopping?

5. Yesterday we also received a scathing letter from someone we haven't met, condemning our choice to sell the Land. Where have all these people who care so much been, the whole time we've lived here?  I am amazed at the number of people who are popping out of the bushes angrily, like hedgehogs.

6. I love teaching my kids. It is possibly my favorite thing.

7. Also my favorite thing is Leafy's new phrases, "HUG!" and "I love you ______" (name inserted) He yells "HUG" about eighty-seven times a day, and says "I love you" about fourteen times a day.

8. So, all in all, life is good. (Just, do you think it's cruel to make my kids play outside in the rain?)