It starts to feel a little unrelenting, writing these posts day after day, no?

Friends, I could use your prayers today. I found myself wondering vaguely whether I should put the kids in their jammies last night, because the night before the accident I put them to sleep in their next-day clothes so that we could simply stick them in their car seats when the time came. Maybe I should not do that again. Because, you know, it may have caused the accident. (!)

I am not at all superstitious, and I think that there is an underlying anxiousness in me that I cannot even reach with my awake mind. The kind of anxiousness that would have me doing things in a different order so as to not repeat the accident. Leafy has been crying a lot when we try to put him in his car seat. I bought him a new one yesterday (since the other one was involved in an accident, and can't be used anymore) and hopefully that will help.

Prayers of love and safety and oceans of grace will surround us as we drive south.