A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Car wreck 1, originally uploaded by journeymama.

I am still feeling so thankful. When we landed we landed on the nose first and then flipped onto the passenger side. That window is where my little girl was sitting. The back window and passenger windows were shattered.

I forgot to mention that the cause of the accident was unsafe tires. My mom had recently taken the van to Big O Tires, where she requested winter tires. The man assured her that putting snow tires with studs on the back, while keeping regular tires on the front, was perfectly safe. However, everywhere that I've been researching this today insists that for safety, the same type of tire should be installed on both axles. As far as the guy advising my mom that what he was installing would be fine, I think it is a case of preferring what is legal, over what is safe. Since my mom was putting studded tires on her car, any employee at a large tire store such as this one should be aware of the dangers of uneven handling.

And there is my tire rant.

We are sore, sore, sore. I wish I could show you a photo of this crazy bruise I have, but it's right at the very top of my inner thigh. Not internet material. I must have lifted off of my seat when we flew through the air and landed on the seatbelt thingy.

I think everyone is recovering. The kids are recovering enough to change their clock this morning and then try to convince me that it was 8:00 (the time that I told them they could get up).

"Well, it's actually 7:00," I said.

"But our clock says 8:00!" they said with their wide brown eyes, the little girl with her big ol' bandaged arm and all.

There are more photos here.