Indian Baby

Okay, I'll stop being so cryptic.

You're all very smart. Even without being able to see my eyes. And I'm all ???? too.

But there were so many points along the way that I probably should have figured it out.

Like when the women at the airport in Burkina Faso said to me, "You are pregnant?" and when I shook my head and acted a little offended they craned their necks to see my belly better and discussed it amongst themselves, obviously not believing. I mean, I know I need to work on my belly a little, but jeez.

Or then, crying when I was talking to the head guy of the project I'm working on.

Crying when I was talking to my employer on the phone.

Crying when I bumped our van tire into the curb.

Crying in Burkina Faso when I felt like I was lost on a long road of translation errors.

Or the fact that my belly just kept expanding. Or meeting another old friend who happens to be a nurse at my friend's party and becoming offended because he asked me if this was baby number four.

Turns out everyone's smarter than me.

I'm ecstatic. It's not exactly what I would have picked, but I'm not in charge. And yes, we were being careful. I think it's all a myth, actually, the whole protection thing.

But now that I'm pregnant, (I'm pregnant!) I can be so so so excited about another little roly poly to curl up on my belly.

And as for India, I found this place online. Doesn't that look like a dream place to have a baby? It will sure beat upstairs from the bail bondsman.

We haven't made any firm decisions yet, but as you can see, none of our firm decisions tend to stay that way.