I am so tired...

...of allergies. It's just an extra special two or three months where I get to wake up every day with a sore throat and a hacking cough, feeling like I still smoke when I quit nine years ago, trying not to rub my eyes because if I do they will become the flaming eyes of death and if they do- watch out. Pity that these are also my favorite months of the year.

...of the oh-so-clever raccoon who knows how to get the lock top off of my garbage can, strewing trash all over the ground under my porch, making the area around my house look like a negligent person's adopted highway. Like the red-headed stepchild highway. (Although, personally, just for all of you red-heads out there, if I had a stepchild I would love to have a red-headed one. And I'm thinking of dying my hair red. What do you think?  Because I am not sure, but I am thinking about it.)

...of poo. But I am not going to go there, because there is just no way to get away from it, so from now on I will sing a special poo song while I change diapers: "Oh I love wiping poo awaaaaayyyyyyy, it is so nice and reFRESHing... here's a nice clean BUM for youuuuuuu... now we dip the diaper in the TOILETTTTTTT... oh what fun, this poo-filled life!"