When I searched for poo in my archives, way too many posts popped up

Sometimes when you go to your brother's wedding, there are festivities beforehand that allow you to see people whom you haven't seen for years, since you are a Canadian who lives in California. (Which is equal in ill judgement in a general Canadian mindset to maybe littering or breaking young trees for no reason. It's not that California is bad, it's just that the U. S. of A. is where Canadians go to sell out, like Jim Carrey and Michael J. Fox.)

Sometimes you are talking to one of your best friends from high school, and sadly you have lost touch, although he is still friends with your family. It is so good to catch up, and he is telling you about his new apprentice work. You are fascinated, listening intently, but your daughter runs up to you and wants your attention, which she communicates by plucking at your lip and then moving your mouth as if you are talking while she fiercely tries to tell you something. As if you listen with your mouth, and if it is not moving, you are not really listening, and you hope that this will not be a habit of hers, moving her mouth while other people talk like people do to you sometimes, making you extremely nervous and unsure of where to look, because their moving mouths distract you and make you stumble over your words.

But anyways.

She moves your bottom lip up and down as she states in her high squeaky voice, "It wasn't because I had to pee that I had a sore tummy, it was because I had to POOP!" You nod and say, "Er- okay, YaYa." And she can't stop there and she says, "And I POOPED and my tummy doesn't HURT ANYMORE!"

"Oh," you say, and then you look at your old friend, who doesn't have children.

He nods and says, "Sometimes you have to poop because your belly hurts." Then he turns to you.

"Is that one of the cool things about being a parent?" he asks. "Focusing on the simple things? Like poop?"

You think for a minute and then say, "Is it ever."