We had a party!

For the Leafy Boy. I love two-year-old parties. They just are so wide-eyed and humble about it all. And that Leaf is as scrumptious as a buttery roll.

At the party there were many friends. There were even a few rocking rounds of "Simon Says".

Simon Says.jpg

There was music.


And dancing.


When it came time to open presents, there were plenty of friends to watch.


And plenty of help from the friends.


The presents were a hit.


And, of course, there was cake.


I accidentally blew the candles out while demonstrating how it is done (my demonstration was a little too realistic) but it was okay, because the cake was very delicious.

Dirt Cake.jpg

I was pretty proud of my rock/worm/dirt/mountain cake. It rocked our taste buds, too. I'd say it was a great party.

(The pictures that aren't watermarked are Chinua's.)