Warning: Extremely Disturbing

Are you ready for this? This is CRAZY. Our good friends are visiting with us tonight. We all lived at the Land together for about a year, and they moved into our house for almost two months after we moved out, before the Land sold. Recently they went to the Land to take pictures of what happened to our house. WHEN THE BIG TREES FELL ON IT.

Before you continue, be aware that the following photos will be horrific to those who spent the loving hours on helping us renovate our house that they did. This includes my father, Aaron, Marc, Derek and Curtis.

Looking at these, I feel several things. I am sad. I feel like throwing up. I am so, so thankful, again. And I am a little bit in denial. Can that be my house? No. Well, I guess it is not mine anymore anyways. And in a way, it never did belong to me. But I think I still felt like it was mine.

Okay. Take a deep breath.