Vigorous editing

They have completely rewritten this memory.

I eavesdrop on their conversation as they sit perched precariously on the backboard of their bed and the windowsill.  (The discussion is ended as I interrupt to say, "Please keep your feet off the walls."  And really, how can I allow them to watch things like this and then tell them to keep their feet off the walls, but I still do.)

"Remember when we got into the car accident?"

"Uh huh... and we went straight down that hill?"

"Yeah, and remember it was SO FUN?!"

"Mmmm and we thought it was so much fun!"

"And I said, 'WHEEEEE' when our car just went right off the cliff and then I said 'Wait, why is everyone crying?'"

"And we all said WHEEEEEE!"

"And then I cried because you were crying."

"But it was so fun, and then we got to go to the DOCTOR! Remember that?"

"And in the ambulance, and that was so fun."

Apparently, I was the only one who was really afraid.  The crying was all just a mistake!  Seriously, though, it's really good to see that they are not traumatized by it.