Fastest pregnancy EVER.

How did I find myself sitting on a table wearing "clothing" made of paper yesterday?

You may have guessed it- my first prenatal visit. I really don't have any intention of giving birth in this hospital, but prenatal care is prenatal care, and prenatal care is good. Especially when you can't remember when your last period was.

So, when the nurse practitioner did the ultrasound, and we saw the wittle baby, (just one) and she pronounced him/her to be 12 weeks 1 day old, well gosh. I was flabbergasted.

I'm heading into my second trimester. WAIT! DIDN'T I JUST FIND OUT I WAS PREGNANT? I'm heading into my second trimester? Time for a new chapter in my Pilates for Pregnancy book?

This means, I realize, that I was fully seven and a half weeks pregnant by the time I thought to run out to the neighborhood Safeway and pick up a pregnancy test. I just honestly don't know what happened. Why didn't I know that I had skipped a period? Why did it take me so long to figure it out?

All I can think is that I kept attributing all of my symptoms to something else. Nausea? Well, I got pretty sick in Burkina Faso. Exhaustion? Must be jet lag. Stormy weepiness? Jet lag? Trauma? Culture shock? My general emotional instability? I think I just sort of hurled all my symptoms into a plethora of categories and was content to leave it at that.

Anyways. Now we know. And wow, I'm already a third of the way through. And the wittle baby sure is cute.