Mail that needs a signature

I didn't sleep too well last night, worrying about a friend. This morning I found out he was safe, which was a huge relief. I'm sure you've felt something like this before. I can't tell my brain to stop it at night, when it's moving so swiftly, and even when I managed to drop off into sleep land, my brain was going. In Technicolor. So it could have been a rough day.
But then my friend Jessie called and asked me if she could drop by with lunch. Since I'm still somewhat deaf (or just a bad listener) from my "someone sitting on my head" illness, I didn't hear the "with lunch" part, so I was pleasantly surprised when she brought treats. We had a sort of picnic inside. And the kids didn't fight! It was awesome.

During the afternoon, I worked on visa applications, and somewhere along the way, our UPS guy showed up. Can I just say that I love our UPS guy? He is seriously one of the nicest people- he acts as happy about packages as we are. "Looks exciting, it's Bed Bath and Beyond!" he'll say. Or, today, he said, "Must be something good, I need a signature!" And he's bubbling over while he says these things. Maybe it's the cool uniform, or the rockin' truck with no doors that makes him so happy.
But the package was a good one. There were two, really.

The first one contained a book. Chinua and I have been buying a few books for our personal library in India. Some things I know will be available, like Penguin Classics and bestsellers that travelers have traded in. But some books... no. So as soon as I heard that one of my favorite people in the world, (I have so many favorite people, it appears!) Timothy Keller, had written a book called The Reason For God, I knew I had to have it. I've said before that I feel like some of his sermons saved my life. Now, this book. Well, I can't wait to read it. And it seems that lots of other people are reading it too, since it made it to #7 on the NYT Bestsellers List.

The second box contained my combined Christmas and Birthday present , a very necessary journalistic tool, that second camera we've been needing so badly, a camera.

I feel as though I need to justify every single thing I ever buy. It's one of my many issues.

But really, we needed a second camera. And I wanted one that was smaller than our giant. Something I could lug around with or without kids. Right now I feel like I have to choose one or the other, and as much as I'd like to choose the camera, the kids kind of come with the whole "mom" package. And they're photogenic. This camera also has video abilities. (I'm not sure how to say that properly. Video skillz?) The ability to capture some of our life in India will be priceless, I think.

We got the Canon Powershot G9.


It's supposed to have the best video out of any of the point and shoot range, with great features and good quality photos. I've never owned a non-SLR camera- even before digital, I always had a little manual SLR, so this was a leap, some would say in the wrong direction. But it's small. I love that it has a hot shoe, so we can put our external flash on it, which is twice the size of the camera itself.

We used it to take a belly shot. Here I am today, at 19 weeks. Let's all say 19 weeks! 19 weeks? Why is time zooming so?


We note that the camera is a little fuzzy at low lighting conditions. Then we use the camera to take a photo of my Superstar Cutie Husband.


Pretty good. Although it doesn't do him justice. But then, what does?

And then, I confess, I made a video. A video that will take away three minutes of your life. And fill those minutes with cuteness. A video that is unashamedly mommish. A video of my kids, singing.

Kids singing from Rachel Ford on Vimeo.