So we are almost all better now

I say almost because there is that great lump of grief waiting to pounce on me when I can finally make myself vulnerable to it.

But, after yesterday, which was one of the most insane days ever, and the two days before, which were also insane, we are done with this part of our move. We got to the ranch last night just after midnight, after finally finishing and then driving for the five hours.

I could barely walk this morning. But this is one of the happiest places in the world to me, and I am recuperating.

I'll write more tomorrow, when I actually have some brain cells firing.

Today was YaYa's fourth birthday celebration (the first one, we'll probably have another one when we get to my parent's house) and she did a guest blog over at the Ranch on Salmon Creek, which is pretty much adorable, and you should definitely read it instead of reading any more of this, because I am nodding off and drooling on myself.  Time for bed.