A Walk in the Forest

My immediate family (a lot of tall people, some short, and most insane) has been having a little reunion this week, and yesterday a bunch of us went for a hike.  It was a hike in name only, though, since most of it consisted of standing around taking photographs or waiting for other people to take photographs.  You know.  Too many photographers.

But really, it was incredible.  We couldn't help being shutter-happy, there were so many wonderful things.  We had walked into fairyland.  This area of British Columbia is a temperate rainforest, which means a lot of mildew, but even more beauty.

Here we are waiting for Elrond to show us the way to Rivendell.

And there's a baby elf in the path!

And here we see that even dead remains of trees are lovely in the rainforest.

One of my favorite books growing up was about some kids who were orphans and didn't have a place to live, so they made a home in a stump.  Then I moved to Northern California and had a few homeless friends who lived in Redwood stumps, all tricked out.

Maybe my next house will be in a stump, a really big one with bunkbeds and a little pot-bellied stove in the corner.

(Probably not.)