Ready to roll

Today we finished packing up all of our backpacks, taking things to the thrift store, and returning electronics that we needed to return.  Then we drove for a few hours to Seattle, leaving Canada and all the new growth on the poplars behind.

Goodbyes are the hardest part.  My parents have been so incredible during this time that we have been staying with them, and it's so hard to go farther away.  Thankfully technology has reached a point where we can be in touch like never before.  But still it's hard.

I'm sitting in a hotel room right now, a really swanky one that we practically stole on priceline, in a bit of a daze, wondering how many new things I am on the cusp of.  I feel as though we have reached the top of a really long hill, are just about to pull up over the crest to where we can see the other side.  We're not there yet, and as I sit here in a strange city in a strange nice hotel room, I am wondering what exactly it is that I am on the other side of.

Tomorrow our first adventure begins.  We are flying to Istanbul, Turkey, ready to join a bunch of brothers and sisters from all around the world on a camping adventure.  The theme of the gathering is Peace in the Middle East.

Tomorrow we crest that hill, and perhaps our legs will run away with us as we head down the other side.  All I know is that I hope I'm not going to be doing a whole lot of actual carrying of my backpack, or I will be literally rolling down that hill.

For the plane ride, we are stocked with toys, stickers, a kid's origami kit (Kid A's latest craze), and books.  Should be a fun fifteen hours!