Linkety Link

There is a new post up at Fly Fishes Fly.  Don't judge me because I have hired help.

Also, Chinua has some lovely new photos up.  Lovely is really the wrong word, but I'm too tired and too pregnant to be smart right now.

And now is the point when I need you to reassure me about my parenting skillz.  Please tell me that there are periods in a kid's life when they have less to do, are around home more.  Tell me there are seasons.

Also, tell me that I should save the worrying for the point when they complain.  Tell me that because they are happy and laughing and waking up excited for the day that I can STOP PROJECTING MY FEARS ONTO THEM.  Tell me that friends come with time, that family is beautiful, and that our time together is precious, and that I need to STOP FRETTING LIKE A NEUROTIC CHICKEN LIVER ALREADY.


Also, tell me that one day soon my hips won't feel like they are going to explode with every step.

Thank you.