Cleaning out my wallet

Business cards:

1. Guy who let us sleep on his roof in Turkey (I didn't)

2. Relocation company who finally got us our stuff

3. Artemis Hotel, where we stayed for that week that we were out of the gathering and Chinua was in. The man at the hotel swam with the kids everyday.

4. Taxi service

5. Birthing Center- I will do a full post on the beauty of this birthing center at some point.

Blurry drawing of a chai pot:

I like this because it shows how fun it is to communicate without a common language. Chinua drew the picture of the chai pot when we were trying to find one in Turkey (actually, it's çay there, pronounced the same) and I drew the picture of the roll of toilet paper. No idea what the 36 is for. Some abandoned accounting project, no doubt.

One grocery list from Sacramento, one grocery list from Goa:

You could do a whole study based on my grocery lists. You will never find 1/2 and 1/2 on a grocery list of mine here, because they don't have any. And by the way, the real... cheese is parmesan.

And last:

Ticket stubs from our boarding passes. All that traveling seems like it happened years ago...