Inspiring me today

"But whatever his weight in pounds,
shillings, and ounces,
He always seems bigger
because of his bounces

'And that's the whole poem,' he said. 'Do you like it, Piglet?'

'All except the shillings' said Piglet. 'I don't think they ought to be there.'

'They wanted to come in after the pounds,' explained Pooh, 'so I let them. It is the best way to write poetry, letting things come.'

'Oh, I didn't know,' said Piglet."

The House on Pooh Corner, by A.A. Milne


"If the landscape reveals one certainty, it is that the extravagant gesture is the very stuff of creation. After the one extravagant gesture of creation in the first place, the universe has continued to deal exclusively in extravagances, flinging intricacies and colossi down aeons of emptiness, heaping profusions on profligacies with ever-fresh vigor.

The whole show has been on fire from the word go. I come down to the water to cool my eyes. But everywhere I look I see fire; that which isn't flint is tinder, and the whole world sparks and flames."

Pilgrim At Tinker Creek, by Annie Dillard (Italics mine)


"As we walk home we often realize how long the way is. But let us not be discouraged. Jesus walks with us and speaks to us on the road. When we listen carefully we discover that we are already home while on the way."

Bread for the Journey, by Henri Nouwen