Day Three: Anticipation

Today I noticed that at Bookie Woogie they recently discussed broken pencil leads as well.  Their take on broken pencil leads is much more dreamy and obsessive than mine.

I talked with the painter (about the meditation space floor) the plumber, and the builder today. I don't want my landlord to build a gigantic wall around our house, but he wants to.  We'll see what happens. I put finish on a set of shelves, and stirred the kimchi. I listened to Kid A read, trying to figure out whether I should continue having him read at the level I am, since he's obviously a little bored by it. But he still guesses at words, mostly at names. Any advice?

I held Chinua's comment on my last post like a jewel all day long. I'm completely over the being apart thing, just over it. But it's not for much longer.

And do you know what happens tomorrow?  Do you know?  Renee flies in!!!

So, I am going to bed a happy woman, with a messy house because I just can't do one more thing. I'll pay for it in the morning. I'm just counting the cost over here.