I woke up a few hours ago and dug through my backpack to find my clean underwear and toothbrush, then braved the cold and went outside to the small outbuilding where there are two toilet rooms and a shower.  I turned the hot water tank on and waited for it to heat up.

I had initially decided to hold off on showering until it warmed up, since I am practically showering outside.  But today is rainy again, COLD, with no sign of letting up.  So, I stood outside the shower door and reluctantly pulled off my shoes and socks, then huddled under the thin stream of warm water for only as long as it took to get wet and soapy and rinse of.  My dreads can wait for a sunny day.

It's a good thing that I washed the kids yesterday, when we had the guest house with the attached bathroom.


Being here so far has been a combination of frustration and breathtaking beauty.  We are looking for a house, and it is not so easy to find one.  So far we have found two guest house rooms, side by side, with a kitchen that we can use.  It's hard to believe that we were so hot, just a few days ago.  We have changed climates drastically.

I had forgotten just how beautiful it is here, so stunningly, wonderfully beautiful.  Impossible steps cut into the side of steep mountains, boulders cradled in lush ravines, flowers on the hillsides.  Yesterday I flinched a little, seeing what looked like pollen drifting through the valley.  My allergies make pollen a scary sight.  But then I realized that they were actually small white butterflies. Clouds of them.

We are cold, but keeping warm.  We bundle together under thick blankets at night, or just in the day, to warm up, because there is no indoor heat anywhere here.  It should not be this cold at this time of year.  Soon the sun will come back and we will run around in t-shirts in the middle of the day.

I had also forgotten just how friendly and caring the people are here.  The Tibetan and Himalayan people are astoundingly kind.  We are happy to be here, trying to work out the kinks, shivering in the shower for now.