It wasn't really cold, but it sure felt like it was!

The good thing about getting a swift roundhouse kick of stomach flu is that you recognize once again that you are married to a Superstar.  A SUPERHERO.

We all fell prey to it on the same day.  First Kid A did his math, then halfway through reading to me started to complain of being tired, then started holding his head and crying, then curled up in my bed and went to sleep.  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.  He has not slept in the daytime since he was two.  I started feeling a little "off" right around then, and by nightfall there were chills and vomiting and all that goes with a stomach virus.  (I think you'll thank me for sparing you the details.)

Miraculously, wonderfully, Chinua did not get sick.  He spent the night trying to get enough blankets on me and revolving kids to the bathroom where they threw up and cried.  And then the next day he took care of us as well, alternating with me because I was still not in great shape.  The peak of my appreciation came when three of the kids were in my bed with me, all of us sitting up and eating broth, Chinua spooning it into both YaYa and Leafy's mouths.

We're all much better today.  And I'm so thankful that our water came back just before that endless fluid trial.  Can you imagine us trying to deal with it with no water?

Also he wrote this post, which took my breath away.

And he made this video.

What a man.

(There is a meme from my friend Carrien percolating inside of me somewhere- I even have pictures to accompany it.  But, still recovering, I will simply point you somewhere healthier.)