I sympathize, I really do.

And now for a glimpse into my mind, the mind of your random lactating human mammal.

Mother walking through a forest sees a monkey and her baby.  Awwww.  It reminded me of me and Solo!

Monkey 1

(I've felt that stretch before.  Ignore that last sentence if you are a man.)

But then the baby monkey started swinging his arm. I knew it would come to no good.

Monkey 2

Oh!  Hand messing with the face!  The most annoying trick in the book, unless, of course, the hand stays gentle.  But usually the hand wants to try to explore my mouth tooth by tooth, maybe stick a finger up my nose, maybe indulge in a little sharp nailed pinching of the jawline.  Oh... hand on the face.

Monkey 3

And then there's distraction.  Finish your meal, little monkey, finish your meal.  I can't believe the mother.  She's so patient.  She's not pushing her baby's head back toward his unfinished meal.  Not that I ever do that.

Monkey 4

Oh, repentant, he's back for more.  They have a little cuddle.  At this point, I almost turn around and go home to find Solo.

Monkey 5

But then there's the foot!  Don't even get me started on the foot.  Solo has to drape his leg and foot over EVERYTHING.  It's crazy-driving.  And cute.  I'm always confused when I'm nursing.  Cute?  Annoying?  Cute?

Monkey 6