Lots of hyphens.

Oh dear me, am I ever in a funkedy funk funk.

An I-fed-my-baby-kidney-beans-and-he-didn't-fall-asleep-until-4:30-in-the-morning funk.

An I'm-worried-about-money funk.

A look-at-the-big-stack-of-work-in-front-of-me-and-no-brains-left-to-do-it funk.

An I-miss-my-family-and-friends funk.

A NON STOP RAIN AND FOG funk.  The monsoon is romantic, is necessary, is green, but gets old with cabin-fevered kids and very little space.

Thank God for water colors.

YaYa painting

Other things I'm thankful for include:

* food on our table

* the lush beauty all around me

* the many impromptu hugs that Kid A has been giving me

* Chinua playing the mandolin in my living room right now

* the prospect of sleep (maybe) tonight

* coffee and chocolate

* Tripta

* train rides, long walks, learning about space, movies, cuddles, a cat appearing in my house, drop-ins from friends, the cheesecake Cate recently discovered that actually tastes like cheesecake, muesli, chilies, and Jane Austen.

(Deep breath, dive into the day, don't sulk in the corner, give more because there is always a spring welling up for you and you will not be empty.)