This is my 800th post.

That's a lot of talking that I do on the internet, although I've been silent a lot recently.

Silent. Hmmmm. I'm entering a new stage of culture shock that I like to refer to as "I have no connection with the rest of the world" stage.

Is there a rest of the world?  Or is there only my veggie stall and coconut grove and small dirty market in the middle of nowhere? I'm inclined to think the second in my heart. But I know there is a rest of the world in my mind. So I'll go with MIND rather than EMOTION. The world is round, it's been shown.

Sometimes when I think of writing I wonder if I am standing on the edge of a floating carpet on the sea throwing words into the wind. They blow back at me and stick to my face like cobwebs. I know it's not true, but I feel separated from everything outside of this little square I'm standing on. Do you feel that way?

I want to endeavor to keep throwing words out there, so I'll post snippets and lists, photos and sentences, mostly everyday for a while.  Just to get over myself.

So here is a question for you.  Do you ever belatedly add something to your "to do" list, just so you can cross it off, after you've already done it?  I do.  I just did. There are all sorts of ways to pull yourself out of being overwhelmed.

I'm sorry that I write so much about being overwhelmed.  I think it is my normal state of being.

It may be the seventeen-month-old climber/run-away/dog-lover (this one is really challenging in a country with a lot of street dogs)/rock-eater. He is so beautiful and so exhausting.

Whoops.  Sad post/happy post/sad post/happy post.

So I'll end this by linking to a couple of happy things.

The first is happy/sad. This is a friend of a friend with her family in Haiti, doing what she can with what she has in a little space that she occupies.  That's what we have, right?  I like how she is feeding thirty people everyday with a single burner.  Challenging, my friends, challenging. This is their website. Thanks, Rebeca, for the link.

The second is happy/musical.  A new Turbans video! (My Superstar Husband's band) Here you go.  Enjoy.