It seems to be a migraine brought on by some sort of virus. A knot tightly screwed into the left of the base of my skull, reaching over my head and curling around my eye. A snake in my brain, squeezing. No amount of medication seems able to get it to budge. Plus, a stomach ache.

I've not been a happy camper. Lying with a hand over my face, trying to sleep unsuccessfully. My house is too loud.

It has continued from last night into today, into the dusky moan of pre-dinner slump, until a gracious moment threw all others into shadow.

My two younger boys felt badly for me, and for about twenty minutes I found myself lying with my eyes closed, my face covered with soft Leafy kisses and slobbery Solo smacks.

I still have a headache, it is still bad, but I know for sure that I am a very blessed woman.