Maybe it's got mononucleosis.

I'm feeling much, much better.  I had some kind of brief, violent flu.  I've been taking it easy. Sort of. I'm not very good at taking it easy.

Today I'm going to Mapusa!  So I can run errands in the hot sun!  I will buy some plants and some fabric, drop off my trash, and peer at the steel shops.  I don't really need any steel right now, but I wish I did!

Anyways, thanks for all your well-wishes.  The real problem right now is that our internet is sick. Again. So I'm at the internet place down the street.  I hope it gets well soon.

I'm working on a food post.  Hope to have it ready for you and have the web connection to send it over the invisible wires.

The air here has been unbelievable lately. So clean, and the sky is so blue, and it hurts, it's so beautiful.