Back then I wanted more sleep. Now I don't care.

The other day when I was posting photos for the cooking post, I noticed my hand in this photo.


It reminded me of something I saw when I was looking at pictures with the kids.

It reminded me of this photo of me holding Kid A as a newborn, seven and a half years ago.


Oh my word, he's cute.  But the real point is that I never, ever change my rings.  To me, rings become a part of your body when you put them on.  They are not something to be taken off and put back on.  You just wear them.  I've been wearing these two for fifteen years.  FIFTEEN YEARS.  Gosh I'm a jewelry fuddy duddy.

(Although yes, Eleanor, sometimes I wear Wonder Woman bracelets.)

When I was nursing, though, I used to take one of the rings off and put it on the other hand to show which side I needed to feed from for the next feeding. Rings are also useful that way.

But really, baby Kid A is so cute in that picture.  Why can't I just have that back for a day?  I'm sure I would appreciate him even more now, now that I know him so well and stuff.  Sigh.  I want to kiss his addictive forehead.  Maybe I'll go sneak a kiss on his big ol' head that is about as huge as a table now.

Kid A-1