Into the air

We are flying in a matter of hours and I am a mess.  I am not such a calm person, after all.  Okay, the mess is mostly inside, mostly centered in my chest cavity, and if you were looking at me you might think, "How calm she is!  Sitting there with her iced coffee and her laptop, perched on her hotel bed!" Do not be deceived.  Inside, I am all aflutter.

Here's a tip for you and me. You don't need to answer questions about who you are and what your place in the world is, hours before a flight.  Just get your bags together and get ready to go.

Chinua wrote some good stuff on the Red Shirt protests and the Song Kran festival.  There is even a video, of the first day of Song Kran, much tamer by far than yesterday, when thousands of people were on our street with buckets of water, just waiting for us to serenely traipse by. If you've never experienced it, just ask a few dozen people to dump ice water down your back, when you are not looking.