Well, wow.

How cool is it that Hammy, one of Leafy's favorite characters ever, said "Hi" to Leafy in the comment box on the last post?  Leafy and Kid A and YaYa were pretty stoked; they started giggling and couldn't stop.  Thanks, Michael Fry. You are one talented and kind guy.

And there was Stacey, a Victoria-ite. (How do you say that, by the way?  Victorian sounds, somehow, like another idea entirely.)

That brings me to a thought that I had, when I knew I was coming back with limited time and quite a travel itinerary ahead of me.

I would like to do some coffee (or tea) circles in some different cities while I'm in North America, to meet any of my readers or fellow bloggers who happen to be in those areas.  The thing is, I'm not planning them right now, not right this minute, because there may be a book.  And that book may be ready.  And I may be able to bring some with me, or get some into some stores.

It kind of depends on whether or not I decide to self publish.  At any rate, I'm making my way to the finish line.

And, book or not, I'd like to meet you. Or see you again.  I'll have to swallow the huge lump in my throat and calm my shaking hands.  I'm not as lucid in person.  I'll probably stammer, "Uh. Hey," and then pretend I have to tie my shoe.