A Call to Arms and a Giveaway (Updated)

UPDATE: Link fixed


On this beautiful morning (soon to be afternoon) I wanted to draw your attention to a very worthy cause.

My dear friends (I have written about them before) have taken on the job of helping a big ol family thrive, in Thailand.


It is not an ordinary family. There are forty children, for one thing, who have lost their parents and survived the ceaseless (and pointless) acts of violence toward their people groups by the government of Burma. (The same government that has slaughtered their parents.)

A family of survivors, young children who were rescued by a man named Chala, who has undertaken the life work of giving them a home. You can imagine how stretched a budget is with forty children in the house. And I can assure you (having a first hand account of the simplicity of life in a village in Thailand) that they make do with a lot less that we have.

Right now they have a very simple need: a truck.  A vehicle of their own to drive the kids to school, to get them to medical care if it is needed, to do all the various small things that make life just a little beyond survival. One of the kids was hit by a motorcycle on his way to school, walking down the treacherous highway that they need to walk along every day.

So there you are. We need to put money together to help buy these kids a truck. I know that my readers are already a giving, conscious type of people, and I'm hoping we can stretch a little more to get all the rest of the money together for this truck. They need $6000, and at last count they were a little over halfway there.

(Updated link. To give, visit this post and click on the Donate Button embedded in the post.)

One last thing, after you donate, pop back over here and leave a comment. I'm going to give away a handmade necklace with a Thai silver pendant to one randomly selected donor. Alright?

(I don't have a photo, because I haven't made the necklace yet.  If you are the winner you can customize the length.)

It's amazing, in a time of various troubles that seem to pile up in a ridiculous manner, (oh, the Gulf, the GULF of Mexico, oh God help us all) to have the hope that we can put a small amount of money together to help so many children, survivors of war, kids who will grow up remembering the love that was shown them when they needed it.