This and that

We've left Marin County.


It was lovely. We spent time with friends, got some solid homeschool time in, and soaked in whatever good weather we could.

Leafy on a path

We went for walks.

Leafy crossing a bridge

Feeding the cat 1

Solo attempted to feed our friends' cat.

Feeding the cat 2

Feeding the cat 3

He wasn't all that grateful.

Little bird

And we had one spectacular day out with our friend Amy.

Little frogs

At a very special place.

Aquarium gazers

She treated us to an outing at the Academy of Sciences Museum in Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco. (Kid A wasn't so sure about going back to San Francisco, until Chinua told him that we'd try to find a dog and bite it. And he laughed his anxiety away.)


An urchin.

Coral reef

Other urchins.

* San Francisco was Chinua's home for about a dozen years, and it was the place we first met. The YaYa sister was born there. We have a lot of memories all wrapped up and entangled in that lovely, difficult, creative city.

We've mostly been cooking on our journey, on a budget, getting by on simple food and the loving meals of our friends. But there are these little points along the way. Food that I've been dreaming of. We went to Kiki Sushi, a sushi place on 9th and Irving that is not the best sushi you can find in San Franciso, but good enough for me, and cheap! Before we went, Chinua was wondering why the restaurant stood out in his mind.

"That's where we went the night that I told you I was pregnant with Leafy," I said.

"Aaahhhhhh. Yes," said my Superstar Husband.

All these points of love and sorrow stand out like stars, everywhere we go.