A Story in a Letter

Dear Abby,

I've been wanting to write to you for a while about this guy that I know. I'm not sure what I should say except that his behavior is really erratic. Bizarre, you know? Sort of socially unacceptable.

The strange thing is that he used to be really skilled in social behavior. He was super friendly, the kind of guy who smiled when strangers passed, or waved hello when someone came into the room.

Lately, though, he's just doing things that are making me very uncomfortable. He's become incredibly moody, and extremely demanding. We are never sure when he might get angry or explode. Sometimes he has fits of rage, where he shakes and kicks at us.

And his demands! He is completely unreasonable. I'll just give you a short example. The other day he came into the room when I was vacuuming and demanded that I stop. I turned the vacuum cleaner off and let him know that I'd be done in a minute and he just needed to be patient and wait. He wouldn't take no for an answer, but I just turned the vacuum back on and went on with my business. I had work to do. Well, as if demanding that I stop wasn't enough, when I kept on with my work he began crying loudly! Shrieking, even. And on top of that he was carrying a bowl of apples and he dumped the apples over his head and then fell to the floor sobbing. He cried hysterically while he frantically picked the apples off of the carpet and put them all back into the bowl.

I'm telling you, Abby, this was bizarre. Crying with snot and broken-heartedly picking up apples. What strange behavior.

Anyways, please let me know what to do because I still really like him and he still has moments where he is astonishingly sweet, even kissing us and hugging us. (Sometimes he has a hard time stopping with the kisses, going on waay past what would normally be considered appropriate, but that's a different story.)

Thanks so much,


PS; I'm attaching a picture of him, though I won't tell his name so he can remain anonymous. Maybe the photo will help you with your answer.