Sometimes I write letters to myself.

A friend of mine once read aloud a couple of letters she wrote to herself, during a long taxi ride. I was inspired to do likewise, in order to check in with myself every once in a while. Because in this busy, busy life, it is so easy to get lost.

It really helps me to think in a teacherly, motherly way, possibly because it's so much of what I do in all other waking hours.

I recommend a lot of checking in, actually. Creatively speaking, it gets the juices flowing. I never get everything on my lists done, but looking back I can see that in the times that I was actively writing lists and coming up with micromovements (a term SARK coined) I got a lot more done. And by a lot more, I mean the fun stuff, the stuff over and above the necessary chores.  I find that if I speak to myself as a friend, I think of myself in a friendly way. And that is how God thinks of me... so I try to join in. But that's a longer post.

(Dear, dear friends, thanks for your sweet clicks. #55 at the moment, almost on the first page! SO much better than #509. Love and blessings. ~Rae)