thankful :: week 4

thankful :: This photo is seven months old or so, but these things never get old around our house, and I'm SO head over heels grateful for this girl, who is always making paper crowns and paper planes, wearing flowers around her neck, asking to help with things, looking for animals to love or things to create.

thankful :: I threw seeds in the garden today. Spinach, red subzhi (is it called amaranth in English?) three kinds of basil, red and green lettuce, chinese broccoli and bok choy. I'm thankful for that little bit of excitement that comes every morning from here on, when we wake up and go out to see what's growing.

thankful :: for M, who arrived, for Khalifah, my beautiful sister-by-marriage who is arriving on Wednesday (squeeee!) for a good Skype call with my parents, for beloveds near and far.

thankful :: for a long talk with the dearest friend I could ever hope for, last Sunday.

It's amazing, isn't it? I feel like I've had a rather hard week, but looking back, I can see so much beauty in it! It's scattered in the earth, coming up leafy and verdant.

(Oh, believe me, you will get no end of gardening metaphors from me now.)

I so love to hear what you're thankful for. Share away in the comments, with a link to your post or just a few things. Or many! Crowd the comment box!