Book launch: scheduled!

I can't believe how good it feels for me to write those words.

And these: I've told several people this in the last couple weeks. The best thing about publishing this book is the fact that I finished it. So many times I would halt in the creation, due to moving, travel, birth, or sometimes even anxiety, and reading over what I had written, I would think, "I'm losing it! I'm losing them, my beloved characters... I won't be able to bring them to life. I can't lose their story!" And this is why I continued, and the very firmly fixed belief that this is what I was made to do. (I really mean that word, made.)

And here they are, almost ready to enter the world. I didn't lose them, and I'm almost ready to introduce them to you; Molly, Jack and Catherine, three of my closest companions over the last four years. Friends of mine really, although I'm aware I'm entering the realm of crazy, saying so. Let's just say I've already entered that realm.

Anyhow, I'm pleased to be able to announce that I'm setting the official publication date as May 25!

On that date, you will be able to:

Download the Eve Tree in ebook format for your Kindle, Nook, or from Smashwords.

Order your copy of the printed book from

It will take a while longer to get the Eve Tree available at bookstores. Once it is in the Ingram catalogue, you should be able to walk into your local bookstore and order it. I'll be sure to update you when it becomes available in the Ingram catalogue.

I'll also make myself available on May 24th and 25th for questions and discussion, both here on the blog and on twitter. It'll be our own little launch party. And as a special launch bonus, the ebook version will be priced at only $4.99, for a limited time. (I just wrote the words for a limited time. I believe that was my baptism into business.)

My budget, which is meager and dog-eared and looks like something the cat dragged in, is allowing me to send the book for review to twelve people that I have chosen and notified. I'll be sending another email to fill you in on the details of the blog tour. I'm waiting for one more proof confirmation to send you your books.

Anyone can join in, however. Once you've read, if you want to post a review or an interview or a discussion, just email me and I'll link to it!

This is exciting.