Calling for help

Well, you got me into this (sorry, I have blame issues) so you have to get me out of it.

Here's my blurb/synopsis. (For the back cover, etc.)

What do you think?

Forty-five year old goat farmer Molly Boscelli reluctantly took over her family ranch in Northern California with her husband, Jack, when her mother retired ten years ago.

Now, as a forest fire makes its way towards them, threatening their trees, their home and their ranch, Molly is brought face to face with her true connection with her land. As the family gathers to try to protect their land, the arrival of her mother and three grown children exacerbates her struggles with denial, guilt, and fear, as the family wrestles with their fear that Molly will have another mental breakdown.

This is a novel about how families cope with catastrophe. It’s about grief and hope, about fear and forgiveness, about disappointment and love.


It's possible that I am very giddy right now. I'm about to publish this thing. ABOUT TO PUBLISH!

My company is called Small Seed Press. I made it so that I could use Lightning Source as a printer, because they're good, international, and using them means you can walk into a bookstore and order a book, if you do that sort of thing. They also handle ebooks.

Because I'm doing this on my own, it's a little like a barn-raising, so I'll be calling for other kinds of help in the next few weeks. For instance, would anyone like to be involved in a blog book tour? (Carrien already volunteered, so I've got her down. :)

If so, email me at journeymama[at]gmail[dot]com.