I'm having a beautiful lazy Sunday morning. It's pancake morning and I got the recipe right and they were SO GOOD! (I throw different things into the bowl every time, different flours and sometimes I forget things, but today... scrumpdiliocious.)

I have some housekeeping things to ask help with on the site. Just a little pre-launch stuff.

1. Facebookers, would you pretty-please go here and 'like' my author page? Thanks.

2. I got a nomination as a top 25 Faith Blogs for Moms on Circle of Moms. You can vote here.

3. And lastly, a question. I've been thinking about setting up a threaded commenting system here for awhile. Since Squarespace doesn't have one, I would have to go third-party, with either Disqus or Intense Debate. I've looked at both, and even installed them briefly, but they would take some work if I want to keep from losing previous comments. (And I do!)

So my question is... does that sound interesting to you? With threaded comments, commenters can talk to each other, I can respond more easily, discussions can happen.

Also, does anyone have experience with either of those commenting systems?

Or is it better to keep it simple. Let's have a vote, help me think through it.