Little things

We're home. Resettling, calming our bones after a rib-jarring bus ride, unpacking, washing clothes.

That was one of the most beautiful trips we've ever had. I'll tell you all about it soon.

Chinua leaves tomorrow.

Claudia is moving in with us. (We probably won't even miss Chin. *Sob* )

I'm taking a lot of joy from riding my bicycle to get groceries. Though the sun is very hot here and I SWEAT when I get off the bike.


ann.e was the second random winner that I picked from Green Girl in Wisconsin's book giveaway. ann.e, email me with your address- journeymama[at]gmail[dot]com


Here is a gentle request/reminder to those who have read the book and are not family members: Reviews at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Goodreads really help. I would be so happy to receive and read your reviews of The Eve Tree.